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Saturday, October 4, 2008

COWPU Boots and Brownies

This is me showing off my red boot at the last COWPU meeting. Jen took this picture, but I cropped it.

I didn't crop out the brownie I was holding in my right hand on purpose. I wasn't worried that my nutrition coach or my Pilates teacher would say "Oh, so that's why she hasn't been in lately...she's been eating brownies instead."

I didn't crop the picture because the brownie was distracting me and I want to find another one; nope. It was distracting to the composition of the picture (yep, that's it.) I'm thinking of art, here, not just trying to hide my sudden, secret cravings for chocolate and red wine.

But look at my boots! These are my best boots. I got them at a second hand store about 8 years ago and they are still fabulous. I've been waiting all summer to wear them. Thank goodness it started raining this week. Perfect boot weather, here in Central Oregon, finally.

We'd love to see some locals at the next geek meeting, which will feature Bob Calfin author of "Selling Your IT Business" who will share practical suggestions for leaders to build into their business plan before they consider selling their company.

I may or may not wear my boots, but please wear yours, so Jen can get some good pictures.

1 comment:

Naima said...

You have got very nice boots, I just love the color.