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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Trying and not Crying with Intrafitt

A friend of mine, who said she was tired of her chub, started working with Cathy Sassin of Cathy is local to Bend, but she helped start Intrafitt, an individual nutrition and exercise program. When you sign up, you work with a nutritionist in person, and track everything online.

Intrafitt is super scientific! It's all about changing your set point to lose fat and build lean muscle by eating the right combinations of healthy foods and exercising.

It is not rocket science, but Cathy Sassin is living proof of how to be one of those "Highly Effective" people. I'm sure she has at least 7 good habits. At least. Maybe she is Stephen Covey in disguise? No. She doesn't look anything like him, really.

Cathy is one of the world's premiere Adventure Athletes, and she started Intrafitt back in Venice Beach at Gold's Gym back in the glory days of super muscles and American Gladiator.

Cathy was an American Gladiator.

After I went to one of her classes, I decided I wanted to sign up for the program. It costs money, like most things that require you to spend one on one time talking to real people about your body. People like doctors, personal trainers, counselors or dental hygienists.

At least nutritionists don't have to poke around your gums. Going to her can't be worse than going to the dentist, I thought.

So I started gathering information to make the sales pitch to my husband about spending money to get fit. The pitch that spells out why I need help, why I can't seem to do it all on my own any more, despite valiant, gladiator like efforts.

The pitch that should include phrases like "for health reasons, for stress reduction, for adding years to my life, for the good of our family and our children's eating habits, I want to start this nutrition program..."

So I Googled Cathy Sassin, to get more information.

Try it.

Bingo. There she is in her American Gladiator costume from many years ago. She's now in her 40's and the mother of twins, and I have not seen her in a swimsuit in person, but it didn't matter. I had everything I needed right there on the screen.

I called my husband over for the pitch.

"Hey, I found more info about Cathy Sassin on Google. She seems to really know what she's doing. She's written books, she's one of those crazy ultra-marathon adventure race chicks. She's one of the best athletes in the world. I can't believe my luck, she lives in Bend! I think this will be a good program for me...look."

"Oh." He said, when he saw the picture,"She was an American Gladiator? Yes, you should do it."

Such an easy sale, really.

Thanks Cathy! I'm looking forward to becoming a Chubby Mommy Runner Gladiator! I see many gold stars in my future. I doubt I'll be posing in a swimsuit any time soon, but if I can end up looking like you? I won't rule anything out.

If anyone wants to talk to Cathy about the program, let me know. I might be able to swing a Chubby Mommy Running Club discount. And I'm going to ask her to be a guest columnist, because I need guest columnists.

Now, off to run. I've got some fat to burn!

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