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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Home Office: everyday's a bad hair day

When I was in Jr. High back in the 1970's, my BFF and I used to talk about getting "dressing up" jobs. We liked the idea of needing to buy nice suits and high heels, and putting on makeup to go to work.

Our mothers were nurses, and we honored and appreciated their careers, but, let's face it, they wore comfortable clothes and practical shoes. We wanted more.

Turns out suits require Lycra under-garments and nylons more often than not these days, and high heels hurt.

So, here I am in 2008, on a typical day at the office. The home office. With my glow-eyed puppy who barks during conference calls with VP's of Global Marketing at Fortune 500 tech companies.

Maybe this is good as it gets? I don't even have to brush my hair, I'm wearing flip flops today, and the puppy's asleep under my desk.


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Miss Julie - Chubby Mommy said...

I don't know what a BBW or a BHM is. I can only imagine. I'm thinking you might be a bot. You're creeping me out a bit, since I'm not looking to date anyone, open minded or otherwise.

For the record, my man is a TSG. That's Tall Skinny Geek. I don't know if there's a website for TSGs, but maybe they should be?