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Monday, August 14, 2006


Thanks to our generous sponsors, partners, advertisers and supporters. I often trade goods and services for a review, if something looks interesting to me, and I’ll always disclose this when I post.

Please note: I’m picky about who I write about, since it’d be dumb for me to lie. So, if you think you have something cool to send me so I can test it, or you want me to try one of your classes and write about it, email me, and I’ll think about it. I like off-the-wall, goofy, alternative fitness options most especially, since they make great blog fodder, and I believe fitness can be fun. Sometimes it’s just hard work, but if I can distract myself from my heavy breathing, I will.

Of course, we accept good old-fashioned advertising dollars for ads, too! Please call or email for ad rates and information: ( or (541) 977-8282.

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