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Monday, August 11, 2008

Pilates Body - Preparing for Floppiness

Debby Bowen, who owns the Pilates studio at the Bend Rebound Sports Performance Lab, agreed to show me how to do Pilates, the right way, so I can write about it and spread the word.

Here's a good link to her website, and here's a picture of Debby in action, helping some ladies get Pilates Bodies

I'd like to get a Pilates Body, too. I have a feeling it takes a while. I start tomorrow, and I'm a little scared of Debby. My experience with Pilates has been mixed. If I actually had some abdominal muscles, it might make things easier.

I shouldn't be scared, since Debby seems so nice. She has one of those lovely Pilates Bodies (yes, it rhymes!) all long and lean and Gwenyth Paltrow-ish, so I know her methods must work.

I've already seen her instruct people on those machines, and her voice is so calm and encouraging, like she's coaching them through a zen meditation session, and they just need to breathe, while they're thinking of their core, and it will all work out.

I'm not sure she knows what she's getting in to with me. My core is hollow, I think.

Debby said she loves my blog because she has two "energetic" little boys and a puppy at home, and after a long day at work she enjoys reading my funny stories. The chronicles of my Chubby Mommy exercise escapades are hilarious, apparently. Odd. I thought I was being so Zen-like.

Rebound offers physical therapy, super technical training stuff for athletes (they train Olympians and professional athletes, too) and they're opening a new fitness center soon with trainers, nutrition experts, massage therapy, and...wait for it...a juice bar! A perfect place for Chubby Mommy Running Club to hang out, I think, so I'm quite excited to meet these people and see what they're all about.

I wonder if they'll have cupcakes.


twokitties said...

I'm anxious to keep reading about Rebound - this is not far from my house. We need metrics to see your progress with all this exercise! Tell us how many inches you don't have to give the measurement, just where you're shrinking. :) And by the way, love the banner.

Miss Julie said...

Thanks for your interest! I am shrinking, for sure, it's amazing. I will post about it tomorrow, but I've lost two pounds of fat already, in 4 weeks. Gained 1 pound on the scale, but gained lean muscle mass to replace the chub. Excited!

twokitties said...

That's great progress! I know someone who used to keep bags of flour on her counter, representing her weight loss. It's pretty amazing how much two pounds weighs when you can pick it up (does that make sense?)