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Friday, October 3, 2008

Holey Shoes, Batman! That's Some Fast Walkin'...

Darcy is a dedicated walker. You can tell by her shoes. Yes, those are holes on the top. This girl walks so much that she burns holes in her shoes on the way up Pilot Butte, in Bend.

Speaking of Pilot Butte, I was excited to see that a 12 year old girl won the race up Pilot Butte last weekend. Amazing.

The Pilot Butte Challenge is a 1-mile run from the base of Pilot Butte to the top(493feet of elevation gain)!

I did not participate. I should have. I will next year. I think I need a year to train for it, actually, since walking up the Pilot Butte still gives me pause. Maybe I will walk fast enough to burn a hole in my shoe


Collin said...

We should totally train for it... I've been talking about doing it since I arrived in Bend. Time to stop talking, and start doing.

Miss Julie said...

Okay, you're right Collin. We should Try Not Cry and run up that hill.

I did run the Butte to Butte in Eugene once, and there's a hill that goes up one mile, and I made it without stopping! But I weight 25 pounds less than I do now.

Still, it could happen...

Deby said...

Oooooh.... that is a great idea. I should put it on the calendar and see if i could run up that thing. I'll drag Katya with me. They do it for v-ball training over the summer.