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Friday, October 10, 2008

Hot Pants for juliejulie?

Red Hot, Chili Hot. Youch! I think I just burned my eyes looking at this picture.

Just because you can, does it mean you should?

My legs have never looked like this, and I highly doubt they ever will. But if they did, would I wear these pants?

Would you?

Where do you wear red hot pants like these, anyway? Where would I wear these pants, if I could, if I wanted to?

To parent teacher conferences? To Safeway to get Milk? To Cupcake Meetings with my tech girl friends? To business networking events? To pick up my kids from swim team? To client meetings? To volunteer at the non-profits I work with? To pitch our web start-up to potential investors? To walk the dogs along my 3 mile hill route around my neighborhood? To Pilates?

Hmm...let me know where you'd wear these pants, if you would, if you could.


Ed Bierman said...

I dare you, I double dare you! If I wore them of course I would have a lot of explaining to madge.

Lori King said...

Hey, can I get them in black? Those would be perfect with my Battlestar Galactica "Starbuck" Halloween Outfit!

Miss Julie said...

Kara rocks!

Or are you going vintage BSG?

Michael said...

I would wear them.

Right after accepting the job as the new singer of Quiet Riot.

Deby said...

Before having the toddlers (which left a few extra pounds I'm fighting with), I had some awesome red plether pants that I used to wear out to dinner.

The only problem is that your legs sweat! But I felt like a total hottie in them. Go ahead and get some and wear them if you go to Vegas some day. You'd fit right in there.

Allan said...

Pleather doesn't work.