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Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Easter Bunny vs. Quaker Oats Guy

They are fighting for my very soul, I think. Who will win today? I need the Quaker Oats Guy to go all Ninja on my secret boyfriend, Mr. Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. Do you think he can win? Will the cashews step up and help him? If the jelly beans side with Mr. Reese's, I could be in trouble. Stay tuned.


Victorian Poet said...

Are those chocolate-covered MARSHMALLOW eggs in the background? Because I know they will help Mr. Quaker Oats beat Mr. Peanut Butter Cup. The jelly beans have some kind of superiority complex, so they always refuse to help. And the cashews are a little nutty, so they will be flying all over the place pinging off the walls, avoiding the conflict on the counter.

juliejulie said...

Yes! Good eye for the chocolate marshmallow eggs!

Jen F said...

Mmmm... Snickers!

Wendy said...

yes, i agree with victorian poet, don't count on the cashews. they're in that reclining position and won't be able to straighten up and help. perhaps mr. oats can charm them. he looks charming, doesn't he?