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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

@juliejulie. Mannequin. Vegas. U2.

This doesn't have anything to do with being chubby, a mommy, or running.

This is just me being weird, scoring some great tickets to U2 in Vegas, putting my mannequin on an airplane, and making my best friend come along for the ride. I wrote a story about the Francine goes to Vegas adventure a while ago, but there's just something about video...

I thought you'd want to watch.

Also, if you strolled over here from The Bloggess's blog, this one's for you people. I figure you're used to weird stuff, and you're funny. And really, a handless mannequin from the 1960's isn't nearly as weird as a line of Christmas cards based on a taxiderm-ied boar's head. Right?

Thanks for visiting Chubby Mommy Running Club, where you never know what I might come up with next, which is why you should keep coming back.


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Oh, honey. Don't worry. She's the OLD BFF. You're the NEW BFF.