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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm Going to FitBloggin!

As strange as it may sound to some of my friends, I'm excited to get on a plane and fly to Baltimore next month. I'm going to FitBloggin-10, a conference by, for and about fitness bloggers. I'm going to meet my people.

I've been blogging about life, exercise and middle-aged angst since 2007 here at Chubby Mommy Running Club. In fact, here's my first post.

This has been a delightful place to share stories about all sorts of things. Turns out there are hundreds of other people doing the same thing, and now I get to meet them and swap ideas and stories, meet sponsors and talk to other writers and book publishers. It's all good.

There's a 5K "Fun Run" on Sunday, after the conference, which I suppose I should try. For fun. And I won't cry. I haven't done any sort of race in ages, so I will spend the next few weeks trying to see if I can run consistently without overdoing it and hurting myself. Trickier than it sounds for this type A over-achiever. I'll keep you posted.

Also there is a yoga party at this conference, apparently, but I might have to skip it since I'm a yoga dropout.

I'm going to spend the next few weeks reading a bunch of new fitness blogs, so I'll pass on some fun ones to you, dear readers. And please feel free to send me any links to other stuff you think I should read.



1 comment:

Trainer Momma said...

I'll be there too! I look forward to meeting you. Yahoo!