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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Please Pray for My Knee

Dear Roxanne,

Thank you for yet another delightful excuse that I will eventually work into my blogging efforts in order to generate more popularity, for myself, in order to further brand myself as a person who is clever enough to surround herself with smart, funny people who, like herself, can find 6 reasons not to run, even before breakfast (which is a lazy literary reference to the White Queen talking to Alice about doing 6 impossible things before breakfast, which I inserted to show you, and the world that my degree in English has not been wasted, but instead has made me a better writer. Although, to be truthful, I did not learn that quote in college, but instead actually delivered the line on stage my Jr. year in high school when I was, in fact cast as the White Queen in the school play. Also, that was the same year I won the outstanding "newcomer" award for the drama department, since it was the first play I'd auditioned for in high school, and the drama teacher thought I was brilliant. Unfortunately, he had a nervous breakdown the next year and was replaced by the English teacher who chose to cast me in smaller roles from then on, perhaps as a way to prove that he was not crazy, or that I should stick to writing, and maybe grow up to be like him. Also, I am not bitter.)

As you know, surrounding myself with clever people is my job, even though it's not a real job in the real world sense of "jobs" but it is, in fact, a made up job which I hope to some day to monetize, if only to justify it as a reason to get up in the morning.

And also, the actual funny people I hang out with are nice, and I like to have coffee with them, which is another reason to get up in the morning. Not that I have to look for reasons to get up, that's not what I'm saying. Because I am not now currently, nor have I ever had a real nervous breakdown even though I was a drama teacher a very long time ago. I haven't had a nervous breakdown yet, anyway. I did try once, but my husband wouldn't let me. He said I had to get out of bed since there was so much that had to be done that day.

Meanwhile, about the running: I did, truly, have to take 3 days off from all activities involving my knee, including running, walking, swimming, and of course, cleaning the house. Much too taxing, all. I mean, seriously, I was limping my way through loading the dishwasher, and laundry was just out of the question.

But today I woke up and my knee didn't hurt. At all. It's the weirdest thing. The pain was just gone. I don't know why, it's sort magic, actually, and the only thing I can think of is that somebody must have prayed for me while I was sleeping and then God, or maybe Jesus, just healed my knee. Which is just such a cool thing, if you think about it. So I walked about 5 miles to celebrate, and now, well my knee does hurt a bit, but I'm not worried, because I think Jesus will heal it again. I mean, why wouldn't he?

So, even though I forgot to ask you about your religious affiliation before, that one time when we ran, I was wondering if you could pray for my knee. Even if you're not into Jesus, I don't think it really matters. I think he's pretty good about taking all prayers, as long as you say his name first. Otherwise he won't know you're praying to him. It's like a metatag, I think. He probably has an RSS feed. Or something.

If my knee is healed again by Monday, would you like to run then? Please let me know.



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