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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Get Thee Behind Me Cupcake Lady!

She is a temptress, this one. She probably never even eats the cupcakes she prepares for others. The cupcakes the Chubby Mommies think about. And write about. The cupcakes that we dream about.

I still say that a little cupcake, every once in a while is fine, I think, and I will have one on my birthday, for sure.

But, starting today, I'm setting up a monumental challenge for myself:

I'm giving up sugar for a week.

Anyone want to join me in the no-sugar quest? Leave a comment with your no-sugar goal, and I will give us gold stars if we succeed. And we'll feel proud, I betcha.

It's 1:04 p.m., and I haven't had any sugar yet. I'm on my way!


Shannon said...

I could give up sweets for a week starting tomorrow!

Fawn said...

I'm so there. I have had more sugar this last weekend than I have in the last few months!

Miss Julie said...

Okay girls, let's do this thing! It's 3:38 p.m. Saturday. Still no sugar today...I'm holding steady.

Anyone else?

Mrs. G. said...

I'm in for two. Phase one of Southbeach. Really, this is so hard for me. It's huge.

Game on.

Miss Julie said...

Go Mrs. G! Who's your boyfriend? NOT Mr. Sugar!

Okay, 6:28, no sugar all day. But I did have some merlot. I'll cut out wine later. Can't do both, I might fall into a hole.

Lori King said...

Confession: I had a trick-or-treat-sized snickers while reading your blog post. Shame on me.

Does one week mean five working days?!!

OK, OK, I'm in. Except for red wine and a few grams of sugar that are in my boring box of fiber cereal.

My new boyfriend: Mr. Water

Miss Julie said...

LOL Lori King! Mr. Water should be everyone's un-secret boyfriend. He will wash away the sugar, right down the drain.

I'm going Sunday to Sunday for my week, but you can start your week any time.

Jen F said...

I am trying, not crying. But sugar is in just about everything! I skipped putting sugar or honey in my morning tea, only to find that my morning oatmeal contains "organic evaporated cane juice". What's a girl to do?

Steph Hicks said...

Yes, count me in! I know its day 2 for you already (I couldn't possibly have started yesterday since we celebrated my son's birthday with cake)! I got a stress fracture on my right foot and can't run for 6 weeks - I need to cut down on sugar or I'll look like Mrs. Claus by Christmas!

Miss Julie said...

Oh, poor Steph! Sorry to hear about your foot. What a bummer. Weren't you trainning for a marathon?

Jen, nothin' wrong with a little honey, honey! It's the white refined sugar that makes me crabby. I once read it's as addictive as cocaine, hits the same pleasure center in the brain.

But that doesn't mean you'll look like Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction if you eat sugar. I know these things.