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Saturday, November 1, 2008

About Four Miles with Friends

By the way, did you see the nice little article about Bend Bloggers in the Bend Bulletin's U-Mag today? Jen and I were in there! And so were my dogs...

So, my "real runner" friends, Fawn and Kate, and Cossondra cornered me into running up at Shevlin Park this morning. At 8:30. In the morning. On Saturday. The Saturday after Halloween. The Halloween where I ate a bunch of candy and drank some wine.

But it's a good thing they did. It's a good thing to run with friends on a rainy Saturday on November 1st, because it sets the precedent for the whole month. It's time to run again, that's all there is to it. I ran three times this week, and I've noticed a huge difference in my mood. As in, my mood is better.

Here's more good news: we ran nearly 4 miles, or so! I know this because Kate had a monitor thingy and it sort of measured us. Well, it measured Kate, but we were all along for the ride. I mean, my heart rate was probably higher than Kate's, since I'm chubbier.

So, even though I had to stop after what I think was 3 miles (because my body's used to 3 miles and it figured "time's up!") and walk for a bit, I did start running again, so my heart still worked. Thank goodness.

I need to get one of those monitor thingys. Seriously.

A year ago, I said I didn't want a real club, because I didn't want to commit to something or to someone. I wanted to be lazy, and run when I wanted to run. Turns out, when I'm lazy, it doesn't really help me much after all. Duh. I think I sort of knew that, but a year of pretending kind of hit home.

If I have a date to walk or run with friends, I'll actually do it. Especially these friends, who run slowish when I'm running slowish so I don't feel bad. Even though I say "Keep going! It's OK, really!"

And if I go with friends, I'll actually run longer than I do on my own. And I'll actually have more fun. Because I have to talk (usually not an issue for me, but tricky when you can't breathe due to lack of oxygen!) and talking helps you forget that you want to quit.running.right.this.second.please! for just long enough to keep running.

I mean, look at these ladies. They're fun!

So, here's to November 1st, a new month, and to a real beginning to a real running club.

We're trying again on Tuesday morning, and again on Friday morning, all together. Let me know if you want to join!

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