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Monday, November 3, 2008

No Sugar Week - I Love You, I Hate You

Day 2 of my No Sugar Week has started out badly. I'm grumpy. I'm irritable. I want a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup somethin' fierce. I'm on my way.

But first, argh. I found out there is a tiny bit of sugar (but no high fructose corn syrup, which is hardest for me to kick!) in the protein bar I ate yesterday. Does this mean I have to start over on my "1 week without sugar" day counting? Let's say no. Let's say my body has already gone through the bulk of the withdrawal.

I went from eating about 11 pieces of Halloween candy and a cupcake throughout the day on Saturday to whole foods and one Premier Nutrition Protein Bar on Sunday. I say that's a drastic change, so let's call it good, shall we?

Thank goodness I get to make the rules for my own contest with my own self.

So, today, day 2 of no sugar, will be the hardest day for me, I think. I'm already "crawling out of my skin" and snapping at people and dogs with exasperation, for no real apparent reason...except that I'm not eating sugar. Which is a huge reason.

Tomorrow will be easier. I know this, because I've done this before, actually. Just like I've lost 50 pounds before. Just like I've run a 10K before. I'm a professional at this health-nut stuff.

You wouldn't know it by looking at me, but I do actually know how to turn my flab into muscle, and how to stop poisoning my body with junk food. I'm sort of like Oprah that way. She's made a career out of it, although I'm sure she'd rather not be known for gaining and losing weight. She's not a yo-yo, after all, just a real person.

So now it's time for me to do get serious about my health. Again.

This is what I know for sure: losing weight, getting in shape, and maintaining weight loss is hard work. There are no shortcuts. Trust me.

Several years ago, when my youngest was in preschool, I spent 9 months eating right and exercising, a lot, and I turned myself into a healthy hottie mommy. It lasted for about 2 years, and every single day I practiced willpower and determination. Constant vigilance, I tell you.

The cravings go away, of course, just like nutritionists and diet gurus say, but the mental gymnastics, for someone like me, who has been chubby since age 3, convincing myself to eat right and exercise enough to lose weight is a daily ritual. My mental chubbiness always remains.

Maybe I should put my brain on a diet.

So I enjoyed looking fabulous and kept most of my healthy habits in place for quite a while. Then, slowly but surely, my life changed, my stress increased, I started working full time, traveling more and exercising less, insomnia started, my body turned 40, my hormones shifted, my furnace slowed down a tad, and I started drinking wine and eating junk again.

Little by little, my chub increased. 10 pounds a year adds up to 30 pounds in 3 years. It's that simple (since I'm a real math whiz!) and here I am.

And now, the time has come to start the process again. It's not rocket science. There's no hidden angst, no horrible childhood, no valid excuses that Dr. Phil or Dr. Oz or Bob Green the guru trainer can solve for me. It just is what it is, and I gotta do the work to keep my body machine in tip top shape.

I feel kind of like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, before Dick Van Dyke made her over into the magic flying car. I've got good bones, and with a little work (and maybe a spare fireplace screen)I'll be quite lovely again.

So now I'm going to eat an apple and a hard boiled egg, go for a run, and hope to make it to day 3 of No Sugar Week.


Jen F said...

My morning oatmeal contains "organic evaporated cane juice". Does that count?

dkgoodman said...

Check out the Larabars at Costco. They have just fruit and nuts, no sugars and no additives, and they taste great.

You can do it!

Miss Julie said...

I don't count evaporated cane juice as sugar. It doesn't affect me the same way refined sugar does.

I'm not eating HFS (high fructose corn syrup) either.

For the record, I'm cutting out all "fake" sugar like NutraSweet. That stuff screws me up worse than white sugar!

Shannon said...

I resisted a peanut butter cup that Kristi Miller offered me. Yay me!

THis is day one for me, fyi.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on day 2! I've been there many times myself. I remember back in the Atkins diet days I used to get a fresh baked oatmeal cookie and just smell the goodness of it before I took another bite of meat. Smell, eat meat. Smell, eat meat. And I could actually throw the cookie away at the end. I think that diet screwed me up for life though. Get yourself some Agave Nectar. TJ's has it as well as WF's. I get mine via Amazon because it's a little cheaper. A little goes a long way. I used to do crystalline fructose as well but find Agave to be much better. Someone told me that Nutrasweet could cause some vision problems so that scared me away from it early on. Splenda was my sweetener of choice for a long time until someone told me some bad stuff about it as well. I notice Costco is selling cane sugar Coca-Cola imported from Mexico. People are starting to catch on about HFCS I guess.

Miss Julie said...

Good advice, Anon! I was at Strictly Organic Coffee in Bend today, and they had Agave sweetner (like honey) next to the cream. I put a little in my coffee, even though I usually don't drink sweet coffee.

It was yum, and helped me get through the craving.

Zeva said...

I love that...put my brain on a diet. If I could only get my brain to listen to my body but instead I ate ice cream the other night that kept me up all night because my body wouldn't stop making ugly body noises! Zeva

Deby said...

I am considering doing something similar for myself. Noshing on the occasional candy bar bit has messed me up and totally eliminated all those miles walked did for me. And my broken toe has healed so I have no excuse not to get on my treadmill.

I bought some of that Agave sweetner at Trader Joes. Not sure what my opinion on it is yet.

Congrats on day 2!