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Friday, July 11, 2008

Beer Diet

Dang it. Just when I was entering my 2nd day of not drinking alcohol, my husband came home with a case of Mirror Pond Black Butte Porter.

I've been preparing for this clever diet trick for two days. I can always drop a few pounds if I stop drinking. Easy. Right?

I drank through the rest of the wine two days ago, and knew he drank the last beer yesterday. I went to Trader Joe's and bought salad and stuff. I have been eating plain yogurt recently, and thinking about chicken breasts.

I was prepared, mentally, to lose 3 pounds this week by cutting out the beer and wine. If you've tasted a good Porter on a hot day, you'll understand my dilemma here.

So, what should I do? Hide it? Ask him to hide it? Go on vacation for a week, away from the house?



Fawn said...


I have attempted the beer diet many times myself.

To no avail.

Surrender. Just surrender to the tasty goodness.

kjs said...

I don't have the alcohol dilemna, i have the chips/cheese/salsa dilemna... if someone comes up with a cure for the beer thing, maybe it would work for chips/cheese/salsa thing. I don't know fawn, but i so want to surrender...chips/cheese/salsa is my tasty goodness nemesis. get thee behind me!