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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pub Walk - the Ultimate Social Exercise Idea

Spin class, 5k Runs, and Bootcamps are all good ways to exercise in a group. But, well, seriously, are they as fun as going out to a dinner and drinks with your girlfriends on a Wednesday night?

My friends Jen and Elise had a great idea, I'm just here to pass it on:

Let's start at Jen's house, walk two miles along the river to Reed Pub, in SE Bend, where we eat salad, drink beverages, and then walk back again.

Every week, we can pick a different place to start, and end up somewhere fun for dinner. The only catch? You still have to walk back to the beginning. Unless you convince someone to come pick you up from the bar. I don't care if you cheat, really.

Reasons I like this idea:

1. "Honey, you watch the kids tonight, I have to exercise."

2. "I'm not drinking and driving, I'm drinking and walking."

3. "Hurry up ladies, there's beer up ahead."

Non locals: try this in your home town. Grab some neighbors, pick a destination, and go for it. Maybe your local pub can "sponsor" your Chubby Mommy Pub-Walk Club? If you bring 10 people, will they give you a 10% discount? 15 people for 15%? If so, tell them to email me, and I'll let them put up a free ad on our new site for a month!

[New site, with space for sponsorships, social groups, and Chubby Mommy Running Club t-shirts, will be up soon]

Bend, Oregon Locals: We're meeting at Jen's house at 6:00 p.m., tomorrow, July 9th, and walking to Reed Pub, in SE Bend. Email me for directions at

Together, we can put the beer back into exercise.


The Real Mother Hen said...

Cool! 2 miles to walk there, eat, drink, and 2 miles to walk back, then (I will) eat some more, drink some more! :)

Wow life is great! :)

Miss Julie - Chubby Mommy said...

Does that mean you're coming with?