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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Running with Inga

Dear Roxanne: Can Inga come running with me today? I think he likes me.

Dear Julie: No. Inga and I are lost in the woods right now. I need him to find our way home. He is sniffing the air, he can't talk to you.

Dear Roxanne: Well, how about tomorrow? You don't have to come with us, if you're busy, I could just take him.

Dear Julie: No. He is a shy dog, and only likes me. Sorry.

Dear Roxanne: But, I miss him.

Dear Julie: I didn't want to tell you this, but Inga hates you.

Dear Roxanne: That' not true, Roxanne. Clearly you are jealous of Inga and me. We are just friends, I swear.

Dear Julie: I am happy to continue running with you, but please stop calling Inga. He has moved away. To a nice cabin in the woods, actually, which we are trying to find right now. Do not try to contact him. I'm taking his tracking collar off now.

Dear Roxanne: Fine.

Dear Julie: Fine.

Dear Roxanne: Can you still run Friday?

Dear Julie: Maybe. I'll call you. But don't call me, Inga gets agitated when he hears your voice.

Dear Roxanne: He does not. You're being dramatic.

Dear Julie: I have to go now. You should go running with Luann. She seems nice.


Julia said...

Ha ha ha! Cute dog and really funny conversation!

Luann said...

You can take Jack running anytime. His name isn't as cool as Inga's, but he clearly loves you.