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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Does This Weight Make Me Look Fat?

Today I went walking with my bookkeeper. That's like going to coffee with your running partner instead of running. I like my bookkeeper, I just don't really like sitting at a table going through stacks of bank statements and receipts. Which is why I hired her. But apparently I still have to make the stacks for her. Whatever.

So anyway, she wanted to come early today and I said fine, but I have to go running, so you can come with me. She said fine, except she doesn't like to run. So I said we could walk hills instead, and I'd wear my weight vest. Because the extra weight helps me get stronger and it keeps my heart rate up.

The only problem is, the vest looks weird. I hate to say this, but it sorta looks like a terrorist vest to me. Those little pockets are filled with sand, not explosives, but still, I do tend to get strange looks sometimes. I've thought about putting a sign on my vest that says "This is a weight vest. I'm not a suicide bomber" but I haven't done it yet.

I'd be in better shape if I wore this vest around all the time. But I think it makes me look fat.

I'd be in better shape if I weren't so vain.

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