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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Snow Running - Breathable Underwear

It's a glorious day in Bend, Oregon. The sun is shining on the fresh, white blanket of snow, and the blue sky says "no excuses, get outside."

Now I'm hunting up the Yak Traks to put on my running shoes so I won't slip, and appreciating my warm, first layer of "microfleece" Paradox running pants and shirt I got at Costco a couple of weeks ago.

I do like my Paradox long underwear. Because it's breathable. Which makes it seem alive. Which is really, really cool, the more I think about it.

Living, breathing underwear? If your underwear could breathe, would it have a nose? Would you want it to? How far will biotechnology evolve? Will your underwear grow a mouth and talk some day? What would it say?

Maybe I'll have another cup of tea and think about the answers to these questions before I go snow running.

Pipe down, blue sky, I'll be out there in a minute.


Annie said...

I don't want my underware to have a mouth! My brain is nagging me enough to get outside and move it, move it...if my underware got involved there would definately be move it, move so tight I can breath!

deb said...

I don't want my underwear to have a nose -even if it does breathe! And to have a mouth- all I would hear is: god do you stink! When are you going to hit the shower?

Which won't make my workouts any easier.

And a mouth... where I wear my underwear.. would that have to be sold in a sextoy shop?

Shutting up now.. and grabbing a cuppa to think quiet clean thoughts.

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