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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Apple Pie.

If you came here thinking I'd talk you out of eating lovely holiday food, you're in the wrong place.

I do like pie. Especially this amazing pie from Grandma Opal, that we found on All last year.

You make a sort of Carmel sauce out of butter and brown sugar, then you pour it over a mound of thinly sliced apples, then you criss-cross some dough on the top, bake it for a while at 350' and - -

Voila. Delicious.

So, who's running tomorrow? Besides me, obviously...


Annie said...

OK, I may not run but I will lug the 2 pies attached to my rear outside for a brisk walk. I got an email that 10/2010 Portland marathon is having it's first inagaural 1/2 marathon...which my two pies say I need to start training for. Just saw 2 runner go by my window...@#$%

juliejulie said...

hmm...the Portland half marathon might be a good thing to train for. Maybe I need a goal.