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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Francine's New Life: Meeting Moonalice and Malibu Stacey

I just hired Francine to work for my new business, @TwistPopMedia. I'll tell you about the business later. Now, I want to tell you about Francine's compelling personal journey, part one:

Francine is re-entering mainstream life after being stuck in a back room wearing a horridly ugly housecoat for many years at her old job as a model for a second-hand store. It's especially ironic that she was working at a second-hand store because she doesn't have any hands.

She took the modeling job after an unfortunate accident at her last place of unemployment resulted in the loss of her hands, her hair, and all but one of her eyelashes. There's a gag order on the case, and she's not allowed to talk about it. Rest assured, it was awful.

When I found her last week, her life was rather grim, and I felt sorry for her. A nice man named Mike agreed to let me take her home, and he helped her out to my car:

Francine's life has been full of glitz and glamor ever since. I bought her some new clothes and I took her to meet some rock stars at the Moonalice concert in Bend:
Francine Meets Roger McNamee, aka Chubby Wombat of Moonalice fame. He welcomes her to the tribe.

Francine's heart skips a beat when she meets her idol, Pete Sears. She's enamored with his hands - the way they float over keyboards and guitar strings in a well-calculated frenzy make her sigh.

Unfortunately, the excitement of this new life has caused Francine some stress, and she isn't sleeping well. She's lost her appetite, too. I was concerned about her health, so I took her to see my personal trainer, Malibu Stacey at Snap Fitness.

Stacey welcomed Francine with open arms and started her fitness consultation.

Stacey takes Francine's measurements

and weighs her, to get a base line starting point.

They start the workout on the pull-up machine, and move to bicep curls:

"Francine's body fat is low, but she is a bit underweight," says Stacey. "I'd like to help her build some muscle tone."
They move on to the leg press machine.

"Francine seems motivated," Stacey tells me later, "But she's awfully quiet. Also, I'm a bit worried that she's not getting enough to eat. I talked about the importance of a healthy diet to combat stress, and I hope she's not a heavy drinker?"

"Oh," I said, "I don't think so, I've never seen her drink anything, actually."

"Well," said Stacey, "She's very sweet, and I'm happy to help her reach her fitness goals. I think she's going to come to Johnnie's Bootcamp next week, it may be a great place for her to meet some new friends."
I think Francine has already made a new friend in Malibu Stacey. All of us are looking forward to helping Francine get in shape and enjoy her journey.


Baldwolf said...

You really are a socially conscious person, Julie. Although, I would have expected that starting her workout with chin ups and bicep curls may have been a bit rough on Francine's ego -- no hands to hold onto the bar and such. But Malibu Stacey seems like a good trainer, Francine even looked like she was doing a little dance step during her weigh in.

Anne Cook said...

Francine is lovely, and so lucky to have you rescue her from her lack of socialization.

You must fill us in on your new venture! Do you never run out of energy to undertake new & exciting things???? I am tired just thinking of trying to take on yet another endeavor (well, I guess 3 online selling venues and a new co-op booth is plenty for me for now!).

deb said...

Loving Francine, but I am so confused about doing pull ups without hands? I find it hard enough WITH hands.

Angie said...

Wow, weird that Francine and Malibu Stacy seem to be the same size??? Maybe I can get in on a group work out with her. By the way MS, the "crack coffee" seems to be quite high in caffiene content...I am feeling a bit jittery this morning! :)

Malibustacey said...

Oh, I had such a great time training Francine. She's so shy, I hope I can help her to come out of her shell. I'm hoping the exercise will give her the confidence she needs to boost her self esteem. Francine is a perfect model to show that small people need to exercise as well for strength and flexibility, she is rather stiff? Thanks for the refferal Julie!