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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Malibu Stacey's Hot and @juliejulie Cheats

First of all, let's just be honest with each other: Stacey's hot. So, here are a few photos for the people who visit this blog to see her, and could care less about me and my new bangs.


Listen, it doesn't bother me that you like looking at her more than you like looking at me. I mean, let's face it, she works her butt off to look this good, and I don't. More power to her.

Ok, now back to me. 


As Stacey flits around the gym hamming it up for the camera and I sit in the corner on the Cybex machine pretending to do those bicep press thingys, I'm thrilled that she's too distracted to keep track of how many I've done.

At first I thought Stacey was just making up all these random masochistic exercises for me to do on the fly, to keep me busy while she talks about her new shoes and stuff. I figured she wouldn't even notice if I started cheating.

Did you know wall sits are harder with a Kettle ball between your knees, but easier if you lean forward?

Turns out Stacey does know, actually, and she gets all pissy when I do it. In fact, I think she added the heavy ball this week just to make up for the cheating I did last week.

I'm just sure. She's so bossy sometimes.

The good news is, I did manage to lose 2 pounds last week, and I'd like to credit the cottage cheese cups I ate every morning during my business trip to Duluth, MN. I wanted scones, but the thought of Madam Bossy Boots waiting for me back in Bend encouraged me to stay the course.

Also, the running is probably helping. I'm up to about a 4 mile loop now, but I still slow down and speed up, like Stacey taught me, to burn more fat, which makes me sweat. A lot. But I'm sure you'd rather see sweaty pictures of Stacey. 

Ok, here's one more shot of her looking a little kittenish as she's showing off her new shoes. This is your reward for reading all the way to the end:

Thanks for stopping by to see (her) us.




deb said...

Truly funny -and not at all fitness related- realization: I think we both have the same tile in our houses.. including the same tile baseboard.

BTW, leaning forward on a wall sit is SO CHEATING. Another 2 minutes for you.

Frumpzilla said...

Hello there, JulieJulie - Frumpzilla, here. I am a secret admirer of your work (you wouldn't want me to be too public an admirer because I'm - well, frumpy)

Anyway, that's neither here nor there, is it? The purpose of my visit

- aside from the fact that I THOROUGHLY enjoy a look at Malibu Stacey from time to time (yes, Frumpzilla is a big Lezbo)-

is to inform you that I have "tagged" you as part of some semi-global blog shenanigans called "tagging."

If you care to participate, the rules appear to be as follows: write a post mentioning the fact that you've been tagged, with a link to your tagger(the self-aggrandizement part); include a list of 6 Unimportant Things That Make You Happy (the lame part): then list links to your six favorite blogs (the show me the money part) with follow-up comments on those 6 blogs explaining why you're acting like a stealth nitwit.

Simple much?

juliejulie said...

Deb - we are so.much.alike! I knew it all along.

Frump - I'm truly honored that you put me up there with Mrs. G! Let me figure out all that lame stuff I have to do, and get back to you this weekend. Also, you SO cheated on your Sound of Music rip-off...damn, now I can't use it!

Coree said...

Hey Julie...I found your blog vi@azandiaMJBB on Twitter when she "accidentally" told me she got her "Got Chubby" shirt. *ahem*...I can take a hint...been getting them all morning it seems. :)

I really enjoyed reading your post and can totally relate to your cheating tactics when Madam BossyBoots isn't looking! You have inspired me. How many times have I not wanted to walk or run in public because people would see I'm sweating & out of shape?! Kinda lame, huh?

Wish you lived closer or I had my own BossyBoots to kick me in the pants!! I will have to kick my own butt and check back in with you. Good luck to you!

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