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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Snap Fitness Fun: @juliejulie Plays with Malibu Stacey and Her Big Black Tubes

The secret world of personal trainers seems wacky to me. They must have closed-door meetings where they sit around and think of new forms of torture for their clients.

"Hey, let's take a big PVC pipe, fill it with water, cap it at both ends, then make them hold it while they do lunges!" (Insert shrieks of laughter and high-fives all around.)

Malibu Stacey: "I love this thing!"   

Dork Alert: @juliejulie "This is ridiculous!"

After I made fun of Stacey and her silly ideas for a while (in a feeble attempt to get her to stop making me work so hard - which didn't work) she took me over to the high tech area, where they have "real" fitness machines. 

We addressed the arm issue. I'm hoping she'll make my arms look like Michelle Obama's. She's hoping I'll stop whining

@juliejulie: ""     

Malibu Stacey: "Light as a feather!"

And then, when she made sure my arms were all Jello-ish, she made me do the dreaded wall sit. I specifically said no wall sits, but she claims she didn't get the memo. She lies sometimes, I think.
This is me saying I will play her little "Wall Sit" game for two seconds.

This is Stacey getting distracted from counting to two. She was too busy taking pictures of herself to pay attention to me and my angst. 

"I'm counting, I'm counting!" she says, between shots. Of herself.

This Stacey girl is sort of wearing me out. She says that's her job.

Here's are some reasons I do like Stacey though:

  1. She said I don't have to run faster or longer, I actually have to run slower. Apparently, my body's grown used to my same old, same old 3-4 mile loop I've been doing for the past year, and what I really need to do is stay in my fat burning zone longer, not switch over to the muscle burning zone. For me, that's a slow jog or very fast walk. Sounds good to me.
  2. She said my food journal looked great but I need to eat more lean meat and veggies at dinner. I love meat, because it is not sushi or tofu, so I'm all for this plan.
  3. I'm not nearly as sore today as I was after the first day I worked out with her. I think that's good news. I haven't said "Bad Stacey!" even once today.
Next time, I'll tell you all about Bambi. She and her husband run the Will Race Performance Studio which partners with Snap Fitness at Northwest Crossing in Bend. They are marathoners, and she will make me do some kick boxing, I think. It should be a real hoot.


deb said...

Thanks for reminding me I want to build a tube! That memo had gotten lost somewhere. And that is real but "low tech" fitness equipment.

If ya think the machine is fun... wait until she introduces you to free weights. (if she were me, that would be in about 6 weeks...). Fun times.

Recumbent Exercise Bike said...

That is one unusual piece of exercise equipment.