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Monday, February 2, 2009

Narrowing Down the @juliejulie Options

That's options as in photo options for my new avatar, not stock options, just so you know. Currently, @juliejulie has no plans for an IPO, but I'll keep you posted.

So, after the Twitter votes were tallied and added to your comments, I'd now like you to vote between the final pictures (shown in my previous post, please scroll down) to help me decide which picture I should use for Twitter.

#4 - Halloween Julie
#5 - @juliejulie with name tag
#6 - Julie with a cupcake
#9 - Julie in Orange Sweater

Thanks for playing, I'll decide tonight!

Oh, this is all so exciting, really...


Jen F said...


I love the halloween one too, but am not voting for fear that when sized down for twitter we would not be able to enjoy it properly. doncha know?!

juliejulie said...

Ah, yes, the Halloween one has been popular throughout, but there's always next Halloween! A good Halloween picture can be used over and over, right?

Fawn said...

Oh alright. While I still love Halloween Julie I will vote for Cupcake Julie.