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Friday, January 30, 2009

The 10 Faces of Me: Which @juliejulie do you like best?

Dear Twitter readers, as promised, here are a few photos of me; please tell me which one you like best for my Twitter "avatar." Thanks for your patience!

For those of you who don't know what Twitter is, please go to and sign up. Basically, it's like instant messaging with the world. You can follow anyone you want, including me, @juliejulie, as well as people in your home town or meet new people, from all over the world. They can follow you back, or not, but you can get their attention by "replying" to them (or typing an @ in front of their name) and they'll see your tweet.

Really, Twitter is a hoot. I have several persona's on Twitter, actually, so follow all of them. I'm also @JulieSwank, @TwitRecipes, @TwitArtists and @401kbuddy. Different names, same me!

The best part of Twitter? You can have "TweetUps" where you get together and drink cocktails with other lovely Twits. They are people who Tweet. We have TweetUps all the time in Bend, Oregon, and there are scads of us. You can see more Bend Twits here.

So, now then: tell me which picture of me you like the best. We'll number them in the order you see them, from left to right.

So, if this blog were in WordPress it'd be easier for me to label these, but I'm doing my best here...and just trying to deal with all this HTML code in Blogger has given me a headache. *cough...shh...I'm concentrating.

Now, let's review: from top row, left to right, here are the names of the pictures. Please let me know which one is your favorite.

1. Corporate Julie, B&W photo
2. Julie has a glass of wine with half of Jen's head
3. Julie smelling a big leaf
4. Halloween Julie
5. @juliejulie with her name tag at the TweetUp
6. Julie and her cupcake
7. Julie in her polka-dot shirt
8. Julie with her black and white scarf
9. Julie in her orange sweater
10. Julie's new hair cut

So, there you have it. Ten different faces of Julie. You pick the one you like best, and I'll post it.

Thanks for your help!




Keeneye said...


You look either very intelligent or very hot (which are one and the same, of course)... in a very Sarah Palin way.

Like a good-looking English teacher.

Sonya said...

1, 6, or 7

I follow you as TwitRecipes so 6 is a solid contender. :)

juliejulie said...

Thanks everyone! I'm tallying votes by hand, many are coming in from Twitter. So far, #5 is winning by one vote, followed by #4 and #9.

Keeneye, being a good-looking English teacher was one of my goals early in life!

sarah said...

Hi Julie,
Hard to choose only 1...all appealing in some way. my first choice is new haircut. seems a nice mix of personality and design that should show up well as the tiny avatar. I think halloween definitely has a standout look, if ya want to be more zany.
sorry, that's two. :p

Anonymous said...

#6 is my favorite, but I also like #8 and #9.

Anonymous said...

I pick #2! (Though there is wine and Mom might object.)

In #5 you might get mistakened for Sarah Palin, and in #8 you look too much like Dad.

Lova ya,

Aunt Kathy

Anonymous said...

I like 8 best.

Deby said...

Personally, I like #6 the best.

Anonymous said...

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