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Monday, November 10, 2008

Victoria Stilwell? Meet Pierre.

We watched Animal Planet's "It's Me or the Dog!" show tonight. Victoria Stilwell, that British vixen with bangs, trained a wild Boxer to be calm and quiet in his bed when people come to the door.

A Boxer DOG, that is. I'm not sure how she'd do with one of those people who put on boxing gloves and hit other people with boxing gloves. She looks tough, maybe she can hold her own.

I wonder what she'd think of Pierre the Puppy's greeting at the door. He stands on the top of the couch and wiggles and barks his annoying small dog yap until the person fends off Sadie, the Weimaranar, and then he jumps down and hops around on his two back legs until someone pets him.

Thank goodness he only weighs 8 lbs.

But I'm sure Victoria would scold us, in her strict, British way, and tell us we need to teach our dogs manners.

As if we didn't know that.

Oh, and by the way, I'm thinking of getting my bangs cut and wearing tight pants and a big wide belt. And kitten heels. Why would a dog trainner wear kitten heels?

I bet my dogs would mind me if I looked like Victoria Stilwell.


Lori King said...

I think the belt should be a leopard skin print, and the kitten heels need to be pink! And get thee some super-long gel nails with faux diamonds. And a sequin flower chignon hair pin or two. Voila! Vous etes Victoria.

Deby said...

If I ever wore an outfit like that my hubby would think he was in for a wild night.

Your puppy is doing all the totally cute puppy things that puppies do.

Maybe she can come over and train the dogs for you? I want someone to come over and potty train my toddlers, same thing right?

zeva said...

OK, you are definately giving me dog envy. I will be getting my new puppy next summer but for now am an addicted dog whisperer. Now Cesar in kitten heels would really turn me on.

Miss Julie said...

Lori, if I dressed like that to train the dog, maybe my husband wouldn't mind getting up three times a night cleaning up puppy pee. Since I wouldn't want to ruin my nails, of course.

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