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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sugar Sugar on the Wall, Who's the Sweetest of Them All?

Day #4 of no sugar = not so bad, actually. I'm not automatically reaching for it and then remembering I'm not eating it.

Like yesterday, for instance, I saw a Mr. RPBC sticking out of the top of my daughter's Halloween candy bucket and I swear my mouth watered a bit and my hand twitched.

But I did NOT grab that tempting orange wrapper and rip it open to get at the sweet insides, and I did NOT plan how and where to hide the wrapper (under old chicken in the kitchen garbage can, she'll never look there!)

Instead, a little light blinked on in my brain, and my inside voice said "Oh. Dang. We're not eating sugar this week, are we?"

So, that's a good sign, right?

I did want chocolate today so I made something that tastes pretty good after 4 days of no sugar and I pretend it's pudding. Plain Greek yogurt (super thick!) coco powder, vanilla, and half a packet of Stevia powder (all natural sweetener, honey's okay too)all mixed together. Not bad.

Anyone else out there still working through No Sugar Week? Hang in there!

p.s To all the ladies who went to Footzone tonight: sorry I didn't make it. Kid stuff came up, and we just finished dinner at 7:05. Next time for sure, hope you had fun!

p.p.s. No, this isn't me, are you kidding? I was never that hot, or that young.


Mrs. G. said...

I'm feeling a tad bitchy.

Keeneye said...

There's no excuse to leave your sweet-tooth starving!

Go to Bi-Mart or Rite-Aid and look through the sugar-free candies. I have a bowl of sugar-free, carb-free candy with the luxurious titles of Caramel Chocolate Crisps, Butterscotch Hard Candy, Coconut Chocolate Mounds, Coffee Chews...

I have NO IDEA that I haven't eaten sugar since August 1, 2008.

For real.

Deby said...

One of my favorite treats of the day is my daily dose of calcium in the form of either a caramel chew or a chocolate chew.

It feels guilty, tastes yummy and is a vitamin!

Miss Julie said...

Mrs. g. - I was incredibly bitchy on day 3 - holy cow, you don't even want to know.

Keeneye - I know sugar free snacks work for a lot of people, but I find that NutraSweet makes me hungrier and crabbier than the natural alternatives. I guess I'm just "super sensitive!" I also go through things like novacaine and nitrous oxide at the dentist quicker than a forbidden Mr. RPBC, which is nasty when there's drilling involved. Maybe the candy and cavaties related? Huh.

I think if I were a crack addict, I'd "hit bottom" within' a week.

~Alissa said...

I could use a week of no sugar. Let us know if you are going to do it again because I'll need moral support for sure.