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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Jingle Bell Run - Let's Do This Thing!

Fawn and Kate cornered me at Jackson's Corner last week. They suggested we train for the Jingle Bell Run, on December 6th. You may remember Fawn and Kate. They scare me, a bit, because they actually run and they actually want to help me build a real little running club. Which means I actually have to run.

I said sure, sure to the Jingle Bells, because I was hoping maybe I didn't have to run until December 6th, but they thought maybe we could meet once or twice a week from now until then to run together, to stay motivated.

I think they call this concept "Training." Real runners prepare themselves for races, apparently. Sounds like a lot of work to me, but nobody puts @juliejulie in a corner.

It was such a nice day at Jackson's Corner, that day they cornered me. 72', crisp and autumnal (that's a word I picked up from Martha Stewart) I was eating Thai Steak salad, the sun was shining in my eyes, and I was surrounded by friends. It seemed like a good idea to Train on Saturday. A good idea to get up early and run around the river.

It was a good idea. But now it's Saturday, and I'm sick. I have a sore throat. And I'm not even faking, I swear. I'm a bit disappointed, actually. Because even though I'm still a bit scared of Fawn and Kate, I was looking forward to following them around the river.

Next week, perhaps? I swear I'll try to do some Jingle Training on my own this week. Unless someone else wants to join me?


Fawn said...

I blame the "cornering" on Kate


mizinformation said...

uh, er, well...maybe....

Julie, I'll go any time--my problem is I only seem to go if I can rope other people in!

Miss Julie said...

Well, now that we're a club, I guess we should encourage each other. Kate, I can go in the mornings this week, any time after 8:30.