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Monday, June 23, 2008

Scared of Kate

Turns out that Fawn the runner, and all of her "Let's train for a half marathon!" exuberance is not half as scary as Kate.

Turns out Kate's a fast walker.

Kate is now the first official member of the Chubby Mommy Running-Walking Club. She drove to my house and walked my hilly run-route with me after work. After she rode her bike to work, and rode her bike home.

After I ate my Trader Joe's Fettuccine Alfredo and stir fry veggies (yum!)
Kate walks about as fast as I run. So she made me walk that fast too. She was being nice; I think she slowed down for me a little. I know she did.

I made excuses about being sick and not sleeping last night (which is true, but always sounds lame) and she pretended, with me, that I was usually in much better shape, and my huffy puffy breathing was a fluke, and maybe, although unspoken, allergy related. Which isn't true, but it's always nice to have it as a back up excuse.

Kate has a cool walker/runner's watch, by Polar, I think, which measures her heart rate and stuff. Super technical. I think Kate likes information, since she's a librarian. Never underestimate librarians.

Kate said the watch said she burned 357 calories in the 42 miles we walked (oops, I mean minutes, 42 minutes.) It measured this for her. I'm hoping I burned more, since I'm much chubbier than her. It'd be that, not the opposite way, right? I was way more out of breath than her, so I must have used more calories, right?

I need one of those watches, so I'll know exactly how much Fettuccine Alfredo I can eat before Kate comes over next time. And how many martinis I can drink afterwards.

Kate also told me about Traineo which is pretty cool, so I have my own little club set up there at. Tell me if you join, so I can check it. I sign up for any free thing out there. I have an entire book filled with passwords. It's silly, but true. But I don't always check stuff, except Twitter and this blog.

So now Kate is my hero for today, and I will do whatever it takes to walk as fast as I usually run, while pretending, badly, that I'm in half as good shape as Kate.

The next round of walking or running with Chubby Mommy Running-Walking Club is Wednesday, June 25, at 12:15 in the parking lot near the COCC campus library in Bend. Email me for more specifics directions if you need them.

Come one, come all, especially if you are fun, accepting, and friendly. We can have many groups, so fast-ish walking Kate-types can lead one pack. Fawn and other runner types can sprint ahead, and regular people, like me, can hang back and chat about cupcakes and babies and how our throats are sore and we might be allergic to the grass.

For the record, we all know I could sprint with Fawn or fast-walk with Kate, but since I'll be in hostess mode, and you'll be my guests, I'll walk slower than I usually walk, or run. I wouldn't want anyone to feel left out. Just so you know.

So, who's in?


Miss Julie - Chubby Mommy said...

Dang it, don't know how I lost the formatting, sorry! Technical difficulties, please hold...

mizinformation said...

Aw, you make me sound all super-womany, but I have to clarify--no bike today. I got a ride. Maybe I'll try biking *and* walking on Wednesday :)

And it is really, really pollen-y out there.

Miss Julie - Chubby Mommy said...

I got to thinking last night, after by 6th dose of asprin in 24 hours, that maybe my blood was too thin when we went for that walk. I'm sure that was it, right? Makes sense to me...

Shannon said...

I would love to walk but my baby and I would slow everyone down.

Miss Julie - Chubby Mommy said...

Don't be silly, Shannon! You will not slow me down, that's for sure. Please come with us!

mizinformation said...

Hey, walking is walking--it doesn't really matter how fast we go, it means we're not sitting inside!

Can I push the stroller?

Fawn said...

I'm in!...but not this week. I'm in Salem for some training. Blech. But keep me posted on the next time for walking fun. I'll be there.

kjs said...

i'm concerned about that "by polar" watch thing. does the watch keep time one day and is really funny and runs a little fast, and then refuses to keep time the next day - and seems really depressed and angry? hmmmmm

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