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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Show Us Your Shoes

It’s not a fetish; really, it’s more of an interest. I love shoes, I’ve always loved them.

Send me your best shoe pictures, I'll post my favorites. Eventually, I’ll put them up for a public vote. I challenge you to get groups of friends and co-workers together and show me all of your shoes.

There are two ways to contribute:
1. Email them to, and put "CMRC Shoes" in the subject.
2. Join our Flickr group and add them to the pool.

We don’t want porn, so just don’t send it, please.

For prizes, we’ll give out virtual gold stars for now, and list your blog, your link, or your company name. Some day, when we get shirts or other cool schwag, we’ll send you a prize. If your company wants to donate cool shoe schwag prizes, let me know.

I’d sure love to see the Twitter team’s shoes! Hey, maybe Oprah will send us a picture of her shoes. In fact, tell me who’s shoes you want to see, and I’ll try to get them to send me a picture.

It could happen.


The Lady with a Cuppa said...

LOL -- I want to see Sheryl Crows exercise shoes . . . and Angie Jolies.

Heck, I just want to put on my shoes! well. no i don't, that's a fib. But I think walking the track around the Butte is on the agenda this evening :)

Miss Julie said...

Hey Lady, thanks for reading! I'll see if I can get Sheryl's or Angie J's shoe pics, great idea!

We may do a 1st St. Rapids River walk Friday a.m., wanna join? 6:15 a.m., baby!

twokitties said...

Are you talkin' bout exercise shoes? Or any kind of shoes?

Miss Julie said...

Any kind of shoes! Have fun with it!

The Lady with a Cuppa said...

Dang! If you do the early morning strides I'd be tickled to join you! Do you have a mailing list/calendar for times and places?

I fit the definition of 'chummy mommy', lol.

Miss Julie said...

Yes! We'd love to meet you! See the calendar on the front page for times and places. We're 6:15 a.m. gals, since many people start work at 8:00 a.m., but we often do an evening walk, so let us know your best times.

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