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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kate's Shoes

ShoesI believe we've found the secret to Kate's exceptional speed. She is the Queen of the Bend Area Chubby Mommy Fast Walk crowd, and these are her shoes.


Deb said...

Don't know what kind of shoes Kate is wearing, but I give my props to the one in your banner wearing (my favorite) Keen Sandals in purple! Best shoes I've owned.

Miss Julie said...

The purple Keens are Gingers! She has tiny little feet, so she can get away with wearing the kids sizes. I *heart* those purple Ginger shoes too.

Dea said...

CHACOS!!!! I love mine - they're a DREAM!!! I can't believe I buy "comfy" over "cute" but man oh man, my knees thank me. So glad that Merrill and Keen make it easier to pair the two...and now Chacos!!!