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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Butte Kicks Butt

I finally hiked Pilot Butte. Holey Moley, the first leg of that hike is steep. I'm so glad I didn't carry my hand weights up with me. I might have flopped onto the ground from exhaustion, and said "go on without me, Jen, finish your quest, you've trained long and hard for this..."

I wouldn't have minded carrying some weights on the way down though, to get the most out of my 45 minutes of walking I can, in a multi-tasking way. Must keep that heart rate in the zone to burn the chub!

Maybe next time I could hire a Sherpa to carry the weights up, then I could carry them down. The Sherpa could spend their morning schlepping up and down the hill, ferrying weights.

I might pay someone a dollar to be a Schleper Sherpa. If they were fast and strong, and able to carry many weights for other Chubby Mommies, they could make a decent living. Maybe some day I could be a Schleper Sherpa myself.

It's good to have goals.


dkgoodman said...

You could carry up some empty bottles and fill them with water at the top, then they'd be light on the way up and weigh on the way down. :)

(Just like a guy to suggest a solution instead of simply commiserating, right?)

Miss Julie said...

Oh, I'm used to guys giving
"solution" suggestions, I'm married to a guy.

This is actually very clever idea, dkgoodman! I usually carry two 8 lb weights, so I'll need to get some big water bottles. Maybe I can carry some gallon jugs, you know the milk jugs with handles.

My nickname can be Jugs, and I'll just need Mother and Speed to join me.

Jen F said...

dk, who is going to carry the water to the top for us? will you follow us with a jug balanced on your head? ;-)

really... no drinking fountain up there. other than that slight bug, very clever!

Miss Julie said...

Ah, well, the lack of water at the top is a bit of a setback.

dkgoodman could drive up the butte with tanks of water and sit in his car waiting for Chubby Mommies carrying empty milk jugs.