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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Baby Boomer Nikes

I like these shoes. A 50-ish lady was wearing them downtown, and was happy to pose for me.

I can't decide if they're hip/retro or a little bit Middle-Aged-Mommy. Of course, they could be both. I know a lot of hip baby boomers.

I think if I saw Miranda Cosgrove or Jamie Lynn Spears wearing them, I'd think - wow, retro! I had some like that when I was in 7th grade! If I'd saved them, I'd be cool again!

But when a Baby Boomer wears them? I can't figure out if she just saved them from the first time around. I mean, she'd be cool if she did, like I'd be cool if I had, I've blocked myself in a corner.

Anyway, I like them.

Send me some shoe pictures, people!

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