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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Dog Models

So I did my first photo shoot with dog models for the Ruff Wear dealer work book. Dogs are funny. Impossible, but funny.

We went to a ranch in Terrebonne on Tuesday where there are oodles of dogs just hanging out, working cattle and horses, and waiting for their big modeling break.

We drove up in our cars, looked them over, and chose a few from the pack.

We started with the "little" dogs, including a Corgi, a Jack Russell, and two Border Collie "mixes." Apparantly Border Collie's get around, if you know what I mean.

The Border Collie/French Bulldog named Molly stole the show. She's the size and shape of a French Bulldog, but she's got the black and white coloring of a Border Collie. Her people say "she's so ugly, she's cute." I agree.

We dressed Molly in a red harness, which has a handle on the top, and red Grip Trex Boots. We took her and a pack of other dogs to the Terrebonne Depot restaurant, where we sat outside and had beer, with views of Smith Rock in the background. The dogs sat around on the deck while we drank, and the photographer snapped pictures of them.

Molly acted like a super model. She was a bit shy and aloof. She looked down her nose at us, but I don't think she's a snob. I think she's a bit out of place with the other mutts and the purebreeds. She's quite unique, after all. She perferred to be on the sidelines, and let us come to her.

Molly posed. She gave us "the look." She showed off the product well. She seemed bored. A true super model, really.

We had another dog along for the ride with us. He is a big black mutt named Dozer, part lab, maybe. He's athletic and gorgeous. He played at the river most of the afternoon, bravely swimming after toys we threw in the water for him, and hiking in the under brush. He was wearing a red rope leash and collar.

Dozer is rugged, handsome, stunning.

We thought Molly would look striking next to him, so we picked her up by her handle and set her down in front of him. She stood patiently and posed. She narrowed her eyes in a sexy sort of way and looked at the camera. She blinked once, looked at Dozer, let the photographer snap a series of shots, then walked away to be alone.

I think Molly could be America's Next Top Dog Model. She's a natural.

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