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Saturday, February 9, 2008

1983: Fate

Here's me as a freshman at Concordia College in Portland, Oregon. My friend Ed Bierman just posted these pictures on his Facebook, and some of my college friends and I have been laughing at ourselves.

Notice my preppy look. I Loved that look. It was very Martha Stewart before she was even a household name. Martha probably wore penny loafers, but I'm not sure. I wanted to be her. I had just been introduced to her "Entertaining" book that year, I think.

I won that Super Man blow up doll at the Lane County Fair. I loved Christopher Reeves (I'm still so sad about his horse accident and untimely death and all,) and I wished I was Lois Lane.

So, in a nutshell, back in 1983, when I was a freshman in college, I wanted to be a cross between Martha Stewart and Lois Lane. Now that it's 2008, I like to think I am.

But here's the really freaky thing: the day I met my husband, back in 1992, he was wearing Penny Loafers and red socks. He was also wearing a black silk shirt and he had a mustache, sideburns that were too long, and looked suspiciously like a cable guy. He was a cross between tall-skinny-geeky and funky retro that was hard for me to figure out.

But I noticed his loafers and red socks right away. I liked them. I wasn't sure about him, but I liked his socks and his shoes.

I'd forgotten that I wore Penny loafers and red socks regularly too, until I saw this picture tonight. Of course I remembered I had loafers, but didn't really think about the red socks thing and how my shoes and socks matched the shoes and socks of my future husband, whom I was to meet ten years later.

It was fate, I tell you. And now I fly with him regularly.


Anonymous said...

You are my new screensaver! It wasn't good enough resolution to have you be only one picture on the screen, so you are on my desktop 40 times. Now, that is true, siserly love, don't you think?

Aunt Kathy

P.S. - Great pick on your husband. I remember that right after he met you he had a business card made up that said his name and title: "Julie's Boyfriend". He's just about as creative as you are, in his own way. :>)

Miss Julie - Chubby Mommy said...

Dear Aunt Kathy,

You are the reason people have sisters!

Aunt Julie