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Monday, December 10, 2007

Chubby Mommy Goes to Yoga

I went to Yoga today. Holy Cow, its harder than it looks.

Oops, I hope Holy Cow isn't a bad phrase in Hindu tradition...I'd hate to get off on the wrong foot, especially since my feet are about the only things that don't hurt right now (although my "bad" ankle is not thrilled with the sitting cross-legged for ten minutes and breathing routine.) So far, the tops and bottoms of my feet are okay. I'm sure I'll feel those tomorrow.

Who knew sitting up straight and breathing could be so difficult? I sit around all day, and I breathe, too, and I don't recall having sore muscles because of it. But this kind of "thoughtful" sitting, while focusing on my "core," and breathing into the back of my throat through my nose, and expanding my ribcage...goodness, it wore me out.

I was thinking maybe if I just skipped running for real, and just think about it instead, and focused on what my core should be doing while I'm running, then maybe it would have the same effect and I won't actually have to run for real. Maybe?

The thing about yoga is all those poses take strength and balance and stuff. If you cheat in yoga, you won't fall over, but you won't really use all those muscles that need to be used. And they really should be used, poor things. Mine are usually just sitting around all day in a state of deep laziness, waiting for someone to stretch them a bit so some good, happy oxygen can flow into them.

I think my muscles sleep a lot. They're like my dog, always looking for a sun spot on the carpet.

Supposedly my muscles are happier now. They are moving into a state of health, says my Yogi. (Is that what I call him? Do I need to bring him picnic baskets?)

Personally, I think they are moving into a state of shock and rebellion. But I do tend to anthropormophize a bit much.

I have no idea how my muscles will react when I attempt a headstand or a backbend like some of my classmates were doing today. I think I'll be absent on headstand day. I just can't imagine that pose turning out well for me.

I'll leave you with that thought, and remind you to breathe.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jules, am thoroughly enjoying your blog. Feel like we get to "talk" on more than Thanksgiving and maybe Memorial Day now. Except you're the one doing all the talking. That's ok though, because you're way funnier than I am!

love, cousin Amy

Miss Julie said...

Hello Dear Amy! Thanks for reading. I'm glad you think I'm funny, but of course I'm only funny if I've got people around to talk to. I'm sort of like the sound a tree makes in the forest, when I'm on my own, I think.

Karina said...

I think that you should find the "boo-boo' in the class and find out if Yogi is p.c. or not.
or, maybe you'll be the boo-boo to his Yogi. a beautiful team.
so...who would be Ranger Smith?
miss you so,