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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Artists

Here's me with a famous artist, Patricia Clark

So, I'm starting to hang out with the actors more, apparently, because they're planning another cool party at the end of January and I love to plan parties. Parties, parties, parties. But I sort of have to squeeze them into my calendar, because there are a bunch of artists that I hang out with too, and they've got a lot going on these days.

Today I was down at A6, a new printmaking studio moving into a space down by the Old Mill. The print makers and handmade book makers and letter pressers will all be together, goofing off and creating art in this space together. It will be a marvelous atelier, and the parties will be even more marvelous.

Today we unpacked the fabulous furniture, including leather sofas, super cool lamps, and we can't wait to see how the entire "Mid Century Modern" space comes together. This will be an "important" place, where people from all over the country come to teach and take workshops.

Eventually, we'll sit around and drink coffee with ink stained hands, and talk about art, I'm assuming. It will be just like Paris, I think. Except we'll have a stunning view of the mountains.

The actors might be able to come visit the artists, if they do a skit, or maybe sing a song. I like to have all my friends in one place, after all.

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Karina said...

well. la-di-da.
i'm hanging out with a 4 year old.
so there.