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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Train for Fun #2: Look, I'm Flying!

So I had my second day of "fun" with Luann Abrams at Training for Fun. Actually, I should take the quotes off the word fun, because it was fun. I mean, look - I even learned to fly on this Bosu ball.

I swear to god that ball will be the death of me.

Anyway, this morning, almost every muscle in my body was saying "Oh, hi, we hurt. You should take a nap instead of going back to that cute perky girl who talks you into doing 'plank' on that squishy ball over and over."

But I ignored them. Because if left to their own devices, my muscles would deteriorate into nothing and I would be like warm Jello with bones in the middle, instead of shredded carrots.

It's true.


deb roby said...

I smile at that photo - you look so tortured and happy all at once.

The trainer in me, though, says: point those toes and rotate your arms so your thumbs are pointing up.

Just Barely said...

Like most thing in life, it's the fun ones that hurt the most the next day...

Jennette Fulda said...

Wow, yeah, that photo looks painful! It was nice meeting you at FitBloggin' this weekend.

juliejulie said...

Dear Deb: Ha! I'll try to remember that next time...great to meet you at FitBloggin!

juliejulie said...

Thanks Jennette - your story and your blog and your book are amazing! So happy I got to meet you and get your autograph at the conference. You rock.