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Friday, March 5, 2010

A Guy Wearing Uggs?

Dear Julie,

I cannot possibly run today as I saw a guy wearing Ugg boots
at a coffee shop this morning.



Dear Roxanne,

Good lord, I'm so sorry you had to see that. I hope you are in bed with a cold compress. Call me tomorrow when the image leaves your head. We can run as soon as you are able.



P.S. This is a picture of me and Brandon, the Reporter from KOPV/KOIN who did a story on me and my new trainer, Luann. Don't worry, Roxanne, he was not wearing Uggs, I just wanted to remind you to watch TV on Monday, channel 6, to see how cute Luann is. I'm afraid I will look chubby on TV, so I posted this picture as proof that with good lighting and proper angles, I can look 20 pounds thinner.


Wendy said...

There's a guy that I see at Costco a couple of times of month that wears Uggs.

Anonymous said...

I knew a guy that wears Uggs. He also squats when he pees.

Annie said...

I bet coach from Survivor wears Uggs.