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Monday, March 8, 2010

Chubby Mommy and Perky Mommy, the Movie

Here is Luann over at Training for Fun and me, in all our glory. We are being featured on KBNZ's Media Minute today (KOIN, channel 6 in Portland and Bend, airs 7 times today!) which profiles interesting people and businesses in Bend, Oregon. This is quite flattering, if you think about it, because at least someone thinks we're interesting.

Here's the video: Chubby Mommy and Perky Mommy - Look! We're working out in this video - for real! It's not even staged! We're super natural and fun! Just like usual!

Here's what's not flattering: my stomach, doing sit ups. I'd like to blame Brandon, the camera man, but he's not the one who made my chubby tummy. I guess I am the one who made it. I guess I have to keep doing sit ups.

Thanks for watching.

1 comment:

Ells said...

That's bravery! I would not do sit ups on TV. Ever. No sir.