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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Back in the Groove. Sort of.

After a lazy month of sporadic running due to "I can't go running today" excuses involving the snow and ice, the sun came out and I finally got back in the groove, and went four times last week.

Four days of running in a week is enough to make me feel like a runner again, because my body gets over the initial complaining, and internal yelling "Torture! I hate this! I was supposed to take a nap! Can't we just go out for coffee instead?"

After four days of running, my body starts giving in, and saying "This is a good song, turn it up. Sure, I can make that hill. No promises on the next one, but this one's fine. Nice view. Nice day. Damn, I feel good."

But today it snowed. And it's not the white, fluffy, fun snow that makes you wanna frolic and sled. It's the icky, icy, slushy miserable kind of snow. The kind that makes you worry about falling, and wondering if you should buy new YakTraxs or just sit on the couch and drink tea until spring.

I should probably join a gym. It'd be nice if someone would build a gym that looks like Maui. Like a biosphere, with running trails. Or at least a hologram-ish room where it just seems like you're running along the beach at sunrise.

How hard could it be?


Annie said...

I think you may be on to something...have all the treadmills facing one direction...the projector (I'm dating myself here) would run a film of the beach ahead of makes me want to run just thinking about it.

juliejulie said...

I think I want some of those virtual reality wrap around glasses like they have on Syfy Channel's Caprica. I want to be totally immersed into the scene!

deb roby said...

So would it count if I hung up travel posters for Hawaii? Or the grand canyon for those doing incline work? I truly hate the cardio machines - and don't find television all that distracting. Will have to add this to the huge list if I ever open my own fitness studio.