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Thursday, January 7, 2010

More Art for @juliejulie

I'm not a big New Year's Resolution type. Big promises to myself are easily broken. I'd rather take a series of small steps to make big changes in the long run.

I used to make art, and I want to start making it again. It stirs up little threads of happy inside me, which weave their way into everything else I do.

In fact, when my kids were little, I had an art studio set up in the basement along with a potter's wheel and a small kiln. I taught kid's classes 3 days a week and hosted Thursday night wine and clay nights for moms. Joy.

I also painted dots on vintage suitcases and sold them to sophisticated ladies who had style and good taste. Julia Roberts bought the first one I made, so I got instant cred. and galleries and stores around the country took them in on consignment, and I did custom orders.

Life got busy, I gave away my wheel and kiln when we moved, I stopped dabbling in colors and textures, and jumped into words for a while. Now I have a garage full of blank suitcases that aren't sure what their purpose is. They are lonely and unadorned. It's sad for them.

I'm ready to start playing with art again. I want to explore more mixed media, so I called my friend Sondra Holtzman, a local artist who teaches and travels around in her fun, vintage trailer, which we named "Artstream" so she can take her art classes on the road.

Sondra and I are partnering up to help each other. I'll write about her Traveling Studio, and show her how to use digital media (including Twitter, where she's @ArtSondra) to push her business, and she'll teach me how to get the images that swirl around in my head onto surfaces.

Happy, happy. Joy, joy.


Shannon said...

I'm toying with having a monthly craft night ... I'm not artsy at all so this should be interesting....

Luann said...

Very cool. You are talented in so many ways.

Linda Dubin Garfield said...

good luck. art will be a great addition to your life. it is to mine. i love your metaphor. threads that weave in and around all parts of your life... so true.
all the best,
linda dubin garfield
printmaker/mixed media artist/author