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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

@juliejulie's Bad Hair

Last week I took pictures of my hair every morning, and posted them on Twitter and Facebook.

Some people said I was brave.

Some people said I was crazy.

Turns out maybe I was smart.

Because I haven't seen Rachel Ebarb, my stylist over at Plethora Salon for quite a while, but she saw me on Facebook and told me to get myself and my bad hair over to her chair, stat.

When I got there, I looked like this:

When I left, I looked like this:

If you want Rachel to fix your hair, call her at (541) 788-6601
Yes, for the record, Rachel is one of my blog sponsors, you betcha!


Annie said...

My dog started growling at my ponytail...I think he thought it was another pet moving in...bad hair is a mallady of this economy. Should I spend $50 to get my hair styled or $50 to get my dog far, Enzo wins.

Anonymous said...
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Term Papers said...

Its like a poem I really like it.
Some people said I was brave
Some people said I was crazy
Turns out maybe I was smart.