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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Running in the Dark

My running partner, Joanna, likes to run in the dark. I'm usually busy with dinner and kids and Twitter and stuff by the time dusk rolls around, but sometimes she convinces me to go with her.

She says it's easier to run at night, because you forget about the distance up ahead, and concentrate on where your feet are going to land next, so you don't trip. And if you're a self-conscious runner, your shape blends in with the shadows of the night, so you can jiggle all you want and no one sees it, or cares.

Tonight we ran through the trails in the woods at dusk, and watched the sky turn pink, then purple as the cold winter sun slipped behind the hills. We made it back to the road before the sky turned pitch black, but just barely.

If you need a little adventure this week, go run in the dark.


Annie said...

I like the idea of blending in with the surroundings but I think my head lamp would give away how much jiggling was going on!

Windsor said...

That sounds awesome. But, I live in the city and would be really paranoid I would get mugged if I was running in the dark. Or anytime past sunset or before sunrise.

Anonymous said...

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