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Monday, July 6, 2009

@juliejulie Palin for President?

So, it seems you all like my new haircut, and especially my after picture.

It also seems you all think I look like Sarah Palin, and that maybe I'm considering running for President.


I never really thought of running for President. I guess it'd be okay. I could try it. But you have to know upfront that I'm not that interested in politics, and in fact, I don't know that much about politics.

I do think all the people are fascinating I really do. So, it could be fun. Probably.

Here's the deal though: if I run for President and you all elect me, I get to choose my Cabinet, right? And everyone has to say yes to who I pick. Or I'll quit.

OK then. I'm picking my Cabinet from the long list of people I admire on Twitter. Because, you know, they're all transparent and stuff, due to the nature of social media, so I feel like I know them all really well, even though I haven't met most of them in real life. That does not matter these days, of course, since the boundaries of reality have blurred because of the power and magic of New Media and how it is changing the

Here's who I choose to help me run America, and yes, of course, the world:

@juliejulie's Cabinet, in order of succession to the Presidency:

Vice President of the United States

Stacey Sonne
(@StaceySpandex) I mean seriously, this girl puts up with me, and she’d kick ass as leader of the free world if I keel over and die while jogging, or something.

Department of State

Secretary @Moonalice – I want the entire band. They are smart, talented, fun and nice. World peace through music?

Department of the Treasury

Secretary Paul Kedrosky (@PaulKedrosky) It was a tie between him and Jim Cramer but Cramer never answers me, and I think Paul is funnier, and he likes mountain biking.

Department of Defense
(I don’t know! I need some ideas here! Please nominate someone?)

Department of Justice
@AmandaChapel Amanda is about truth, and will not put up with hype. She holds us accountable, even though we don’t like to listen to her sometimes. Plus she’d probably go commando under the robe, which would be both naughty and exciting.

Department of the Interior
Secretary Robert Scoble
I just like Robert. I think he’d be fun to have in my cabinet. I bet he’d laugh at my jokes, and get me totally popular on friendfeed.

Department of Agriculture
Secretary Tallivan Sunder
@tallivansunder Everything will be wholesome and delicious!

Department of Commerce
Secretary Gary Vaynerchuk @garyvee If anyone understands how to sell stuff, it’s Gary. Plus we’d all get good wine with dinner.

Department of Labor
Secretary Heather B. Armstrong
I think she had the most famous labor on the internet this year.

Department of Health and Human Services
Matt Davio @MissTrade
He’s working on some amazing stuff that will change the healthcare industry over at
Proxense, and he knows Sanjay Gupta, who shoulda taken the job when he had the chance!

Department of Housing and Urban Development
Secretary Kim Sherrell
@kimsherrell She seems hip and urban in a Hollywood-ish way. Plus, she’s creating some new type of reality show; maybe she’ll put the top twits in a house and let them battle it out online.

Department of Transportation
Lance Armstrong Obviously, he’ll be pro-bikes. Fast bikes, too.

Department of Energy

Secretary @TheFlyLady This woman has more energy than anyone I’ve ever met.

Department of Education
Secretary Jenny Lawson
@TheBloggess Jenny tells it like it is. Can you imagine how our next generation would turn out if The Bloggess was in charge of their young minds?

Department of Veterans Affairs
Guy Kawasaki I like Guy, for real, I’m impressed with how he’s helped put together groups of popular bloggers to visit the troupes on aircraft carriers. Seriously, that was cool. He’ll make sure we don’t forget about our Vetrans. Plus, I bet he’d give them their own category on Alltop, too.

Department of Homeland Security
Loren Feldman (@1938media) Loren will not take shit from anyone, this I know for sure. He’d take the bad guys down.


Dr. Talli van Sunder, DPT said...

What an honor to have you as the President and to be part of your Cabinet! Yes, I promise everything from now on will be wholesome and delicious!

I am truly honored to stand by your side and give the people of America healthy food. Great post! Enjoyed reading it. :)

juliejulie said...

Thanks Talli van! And I really mean it too, I really would choose you!

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

FREAKING AWESOME. But I'm not a good typer. Don't secretaries have to be able to type? And spell?

juliejulie said...

Dear Jenny: I think you'd have an assistant. In fact, I'd make sure of it.