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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Truth or Dare

Sometimes I wish I could write about the bad things. The hard things.

Fluff can get ordinary and mundane.

Sometimes I wish it was okay to lay down the track of the pain and misery that happens to all of us sometimes, in this public place, for the sake of catharsis.

To be honest and raw about the real things that haunt the best of us in the worst of times? It's not what this blog is about, really.

Sometimes I'm not sure what this blog is about.

But look, here I am, still here. And the funny stories cheer me up, so I guess it's not so bad to write happy after all.

1 comment:

KimDean-Art4Autism said...

Why not write about the bad things. I think readers like seeing the truth. My blog is 100% in your face reality. I write about the good bad and ugly...maybe not in that order :P
Great Blog!
Cheers kim