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Friday, November 14, 2008

A Toast to Good Art

This is me at my friend Sissy's house. We had a sleepover last week. Our daughters were there, but they played with a big lizard upstairs while we drank martinis downstairs.

Sissy owns this wonderful orange Sandy Brooke painting. Sandy and her husband Henry live in my neighborhood. She's the head art professor up at the Oregon State campus here in Bend. She's a super good painter, I think. Super good.

Sandy and Henry have a funny little Westie Terrier that Pierre often sees in passing. As in, when they're on a walk and we're on a walk, the dogs have to pass each other. Think about two little, male dogs on leashes, passing each other in the street. You can just imagine the yipping and yapping that happens.

We try to say hello and act all conversational, but it's impossible. Like, if I could, I'd say "Hey, Sandy! I drank a martini in front of your big orange painting at Sissy's house!" Instead, we spent some time untangling the dogs and saying things like "Oh, sorry, he's usually so friendly!" and "Ouch!" and "Oops!"

I love Sandy's art. She paints big, even though she has a little dog.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sandy Brooke was my art teacher at OSU Cascades ... I took a one week condensed class several years ago called Art for Elementary School Teachers. It was so cool, and so was she. I doubt if she would remember me, but next time you see her, say that K. Ward-Dumas says hello. She is a wonderful artist!

Anon. K.