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Saturday, November 8, 2008

New Shoes and Little Old Ladies

I think it's time for new running shoes again. When I run more often, my shoes wear out. Pavement pounding will do that, eh?

I always want to get some nifty, wacky, stylish shoes that make a fashion statement, but my Chubby Mommy Feet end up needing the same thing over and over: a wide base and good support.

Maybe I really just need an old-lady walker to use for support. I could run with a walker.

My grandma had this very nifty metal cart on wheels that she pushed 3 blocks to the grocery store once or twice a week. It wasn't a walker, she insisted, but it did help with her balance, especially when it was full of oatmeal containers and hot chocolate mix, two of her usual purchases. And cauliflower and Brussels sprouts.

I always wondered why anyone would eat Brussels sprouts voluntarily. She said she needed her roughage, you know, it just kept everything working better. I choose apples and salad, personally.

But anyway, I'll be cruising through a few of my favorite sporting store haunts, including FootZone in downtown Bend, since they also have a lovely selection of Dansko clogs, which I do.not.need.but.always.want. to see which cool running shoes (with wide bases and good support) they have on sale this time.

What are you favorite running (or walking) shoes, dear readers?

1 comment:

Lori King said...

My favorite running shoes are good old Asics, because they fit my wimpy narrow feet. My favorite walking shoes are my old soft pair of green Pumas. They're really comfy and I feel like I'm barefoot! I suppose I really need something that offers more support, but they're like a warm blanket for my feet. I just can't give them up until I wear holes in them.