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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Jimmy Carter as The Burger King

This is my friend Chris Piper. He's dressed up in a costume, he usually doesn't look like this. This is his version of Jimmy Carter in a Burger King costume. Which is just creepy, no matter how your brain tries to make it work.

I respect Jimmy Carter. He is a good man. I wrote to him when I was 11 and told him he was doing a good job. He and Rosalind sent me a 5x7 glossy signed photograph of them with Amy in the Blue room. I think it was in the blue room. It may have been in black and white.

That was in 1976, and we went to visit the White House for the Bicentennial. I was hoping we could meet them, since he was my penpal and all, but we weren't able to see them. I'm sure they were busy. Amy was probably reading a book or something, and Jimmy was probably busy with some foreign policy, or at Camp David maybe.

I've never written to The Burger King, nor have I been to his house. I can't quite imagine what his house would be like. Is it a castle? I thought he was retired, but he seems to have made a comeback. Maybe he didn't invest enough in his 401K or something.

Or maybe he just can't quite retire because he's driven to do good for others, like President Carter is. I can't see The Burger King building houses for Habitat for Humanity or supervising elections in war-torn countries, though.

Could The Burger King work with The Gates Foundation to fight Aids or Malaria? Probably not. In fact, no. That'd be way too creepy. He'd scare all the children, probably.

For the record, Chris is married to my friend Marla. She is not creepy, and in fact is quite attractive. It seems to me she could have had anyone, yet she chose this Mr. Carter Burger King guy. Go figure. He is a lucky, lucky man, I tell you.


Baldwolf said...

I've been trying to think of whom your writing style reminds me. Are you familiar with Daria O'Neil? [a moment of silence to reflect on all that is Daria]. Your style reminds me a bit of her travel journal. She has this very entertaining banter that flows from one line of thought to the next, each new tangent funnier than the last until the story ends and the listener/reader is delivered to the last sentence which wraps up all the seemingly aimless monologue into one nice neat little package.

I love to listen to Daria, and I've really enjoyed your blog entries. Keep up the good work!

Miss Julie said...

Thank you, Baldwolf! I'll have to look her up; I love travel journals. If I had more time and money, I'd be traveling around to different countries.

Chubby Mommy Runs Around the World? It could happen.

Stephanie said...

I am totally LOL at your post!! I remember Amy Carter when I was a little girl in the 1970s and thinking - that should be me. But now, maybe not so much. I think its hilarious considering Jimmy Carter and Burger King in the same thought bubble. Ha, Ha, Ha....!!