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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lyle Cox is a Trooper - CMRC Photoshoot with Dogs

Reason #456 that Bend is a cool place to live: the photographers from the local paper, who get sent out to take pictures of a Chubby Mommy Runner and her energetic dogs, display great professionalism.

Lyle's been around Bend much longer than I have, and has shot his share of exciting news in Bend, I'm sure. Because Bend is such an exciting town, of course. I mean, we have Chubby Mommies who write blogs about running with their dogs, after all.

I've worked on some stories with Lyle in the past, but he's never met my dogs. He came to my house for the photo shoot, and I made him walk around my neighborhood and up a few hills to get to a lovely photogenic spot with some views.

Not that I was micromanaging or anything. Far be it from me to tell people what to do...

Lyle forgot to bring his running shoes, but he has totally cool boots, as you can see.

Thanks Lyle, you're a good sport! Can't wait to see the article about me, and a few of the other Bend Bloggers in the November 1st edition of the Bulletin's "U-Magazine."

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